Two of the three agricultural bills brought by the Central Government were passed by the Rajya Sabha on September 20. At the same time, the opposition alleged that the Deputy Speaker supported the government, ignoring the rules of the House. A ‘no-confidence motion’ was brought by the opposition against Deputy Chairman Harivansh. However, Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu rejected the no-confidence motion of the opposition against the Deputy Chairman and said that the proposal was not in the proper format. The 14-days-time required for this was also not followed.
Apart from bringing a no-confidence motion against the Deputy Chairman, the opposition said that this bill should be sent to the Select Committee. At the same time, the opposition expressed displeasure at passing the bill by voice. Here we mentioned three terms namely no confidence motion, select committee and pass the bill by voice. Let’s know what these three terms mean?

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