In this episode of Social List Ashish Mishra Talks about Wasim Jaffer, the former India cricketer and domestic cricket legend, who has refuted all the allegations of communalism levelled against him by the Cricket Association of Uttarakhand (CAU). The 42-year-old resigned from his head coach position of the state team on Tuesday and said that it was getting difficult to work because of the interference and bias of the selectors and secretary Mahim Verma. In his mail to the association, Jaffer added that many talented players were missing the opportunity to learn and improve because of the existing environment. Hailed to be an Indian alternative to popular social networking site Twitter, KOO has been surrounded by the controversy around leaking user data. While on one hand, the company confirmed users’ data to be safe, a known ethical hacker found the app to be leaking personal data. The app shot to fame amidst the recent row between the government of India and Twitter, where several union ministers created their accounts on KOO and asked people to follow them as well. “We are not presently monetizing and hence don’t have the need to share data with any third party. So that is safe. We will innovate and always try and figure a way to monetize that is not a risk to users,” says Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO, and Co-founder, KOO. Some hoardings are generating a lot of buzz on social media after a girl apparently made her feelings clear about her boyfriend, or so it seems. Posters reading ‘Siddhi hates Shiva’ has been spotted in many parts of the country ahead of Valentine’s Day. The posters also had a heart that was struck off.

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